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September Is California Wine Month!

Cheers, my friends – and Happy California Wine Month!

Cheers, and Happy California Wine Month!

Welcome back, my friends – Hope you enjoyed all the fun and flavors of Drink Wine With Dinner® Month!

Can you believe it’s Labor Day weekend already? Where did the summer go!

For this in-between month, as we officially transition into autumn, we’ll likely still have some good weather ahead, despite the shorter days and cooler nights.


It's *always* time to have fun with wine!

It’s *always* time to have fun with wine!

(Here in the Bay Area/ NorCal Wine Country, in fact, we’re in the midst of a mini-heatwave!)

In any event, September brings us a slew of special holidays to celebrate some extremely tasty official eats and drinks.

First and foremost, it’s California Wine Month.


September is National Potato Month!

September is National Potato Month!

It’s also National Chicken Month, National Honey Month, National Mushroom Month, National Organic Harvest Month, Potato Month, Rice Month and lots more.

We’ll have lots of fun combining these ingredients and more, with brand-new recipes and pairings.

And we’ll also weave themes like National Linguine Day, National Cheeseburger Day, National Rum Punch Day and Snack a Pickle Time into the mix.


Gorgeous organic Swiss chard!

Organic Swiss chard from my nearby Farmers Market

Sometimes finding wines to match will be drop-dead easy. Other times, it’ll be more of a (very welcome) challenge.

Regardless, for food and wine lovers, September means far more than Back to School Month.

Let’s enjoy some tastes of September together!


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Until next time, my friends –
Cheers and happy tastings,

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Cheers once again,