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"Aerial view" of filled Easter baskets. We "bunnies" were *busy*!!!

“Bunny’s eye” view of our Easter baskets. Just look at all those great little goodies!

Welcome back, my friends! I hope Spring is finally doing its thing in your part of the world.

For the last 15 years or so, I’ve been enjoying Easter – treasure hunt, gin fizzes, brunch with honey-glazed ham, asparagus, homebaked bread and more (including my homemade aioli) – at friend Danica’s nearby hillside home.

Lately I’ve been an “assistant bunny,” complete with fuzzy ears, clambering around Danica’s terraced garden and hiding eggs, luxe chocolate and lovely collectibles provided by “Chief Bunny” Linda.


The honey ham, asparagus, and my aioli.

The honey-glazed ham, asparagus, and my thick, creamy rosemary aioli. Just *Click Here* for my easy recipe!

As a reward, we “bunnies” get dibs on the first batch of gin fizzes before the other guests – usually 50 or more – start to arrive.

I also get to prep the huge flat of beautiful organic strawberries, bought first thing in the morning at the farmers market. (Nibble strawberry, sip gin fizz, repeat…)


Hot cross buns, "bunny bread" and a wonderful artichoke-roast tomato spread. That strawberry bowl was *full* when we started!

Hot cross buns, a lovely assortment of cheeses, “bunny bread” and a wonderful artichoke spread. That strawberry bowl was *full* when we started!

I always bring a big batch of aioli (*verrry* garlicky homemade mayonnaise – *Click Here* for recipe), flavored with my pink-flowered, sweet-scented (and not very “piney”) Majorca rosemary.

It goes with just about everything on the Easter buffet (except maybe all the chocolate that the Bunny left us)!


Though I'd usually rather have wine, I can't resist Donna's amazing gin fizzes!

Though I’d usually rather have wine, I can’t resist a great gin fizz!

My first helping ~ a little of everything. On my left, a light-bodied Merlot; on the right the last of my gin fizz, which I'm saving for the hot cross bun.

My first helping ~ some of everything, with a light-bodied Merlot and the last of my gin fizz. (Great all around!)


Well, my friends, I hope this Easter brunch has whetted your appetite for some glazed ham of your own – and I hope the Bunny brings some tasty treats to your door! 

Until next time,
Cheers and happy tastings,

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