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I’m on my way to a tasting of German wines. Riesling still rules – but there’s lots more to taste!

Welcome back, my friends!

Quick word association: I say “German wine.”

Well, if “Riesling” was the first thing that came to mind, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Far from it! Riesling is, after all, Germany’s best-known wine varietal – and it’s deservedly one of the world’s most highly regarded and sought-after white wines.

But Riesling isn’t the end of the story. There’s plenty more to German wine – and not all of it is white.


Allan Green, of Greenwood Ridge Vineyards in Mendocino, who for decades has made some of America’s best Rieslings. See next pic to get a 30% discount!

I’m about to board a San Francisco Bay ferry from my home base, 20 miles north of the city, to attend a private “trade and media” tasting of German wine.

(I told you I’d be sneaking you in with me to some cool events!)

We’ll have a chance to meet a dozen or so German winemakers and winery owners, who have traveled to the US to show America what 21st-century German wine is all about.

Our hosts represent many regions in German Wine Country: Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Mosel, Ruwer and more.


Here’s a *great* discount on Greenwood Ridge Riesling! Call 707-895-2002 or email stacie@greenwoodridge.com.

And of course, they’ll be pouring some of the best wines that Germany has to offer!

Well, the ferry is about to dock in San Francisco, and I’m off to the tasting.

Next time, I’ll share my tasting notes, photos and intriguing commentary from our visiting German colleagues. (Maybe I’ll even trot out some of my very rusty high school German – Ach du lieber!)

And I’ll give you a quick rundown of Germany’s classification system of sweetness levels in wine. (The sweetest ones – delectable, rare and ultra pricey – have a consistency that’s halfway to honey!)

Until then,
Prosit, meine Freunde!
(Cheers, my friends)…

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