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White wine with fish? Not necessarily! It’s the type of fish you use, and what you do with it, that make the difference.

Welcome back to Drink Wine With Dinner®, my friends – and Happy National Wine Day!

Yes, I know. “National Wine Day” is just like “Drink Wine With Dinner® Day” (*Click Here* for details on the annual August holiday!) for those of us who enjoy their vino… well, anytime.

But heck, it *is* a great excuse. And it makes any old day a prime potential party day!

In fact, starting today, I’m taking the reins here – and declaring this whole week National Wine *Week*!


This is my “wine place-setting” in the Sweepstakes round of last year’s International Women’s Wine Competition. Here we judge the “best of the best,” pitting, for example, Best Pinot Noir against Best Merlot against Best Cabernet Sauvignon (etc.) to get Best Red Wine… (read on)


I really enjoy sampling two (or more) wines with any given dish. Each wine, with its own unique set of flavors, acts like a sauce for the food – and each wine brings something different to the mix – creating a whole new taste experience!

I’ll post and comment on wine all week on my Social Media platforms.

(Join my Wine & Food SuperGroup on LinkedIn if you haven’t done so already – we have 2,500+ members in 70+ countries!)

And of course, I’ll blog here about different fun aspects of wine – and, of course, wine-and-food pairings – with lots of photos for you.

Along with all of us who *already* love wine and enjoy it regularly, just think of all the people who hardly ever drink wine – or are just starting to explore it – or who are just becoming old enough to drink legally.


Sometimes you make a dish, then try two or more wines with it. Other times you start with the wine, then make a couple of different *dishes* that you think will pair well. It all adds to the fun and deliciousness!

I’d like to think that today, on National Wine Day, these new converts to wine will make the conscious choice.

They’ll buy a bottle (or three) of something tasty that suits their preferences and enjoy drinking it – with as much (or as little!) fanfare as they want – with food, fun, and friends.

That’s what it’s all about!

I’ll be back soon, my friends, with more “Drink Wine With Dinner®” recipes, pairings, and Wine Country happenings to share with you.

Until then,
Happy National Wine Day once again,
Cheers and happy tasting –


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