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Fred Buonanno, co-owner of Philo Ridge, pours me a glass at the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival.

Welcome back, my friends!

We’ve declared this entire last week of May #NationalWineWeek because, well, one measly day isn’t nearly enough.

I’ve always been one to make the most of good times. Heck, I not only celebrate my own birthday for a whole month, but I get an extra week’s head start in the previous month with several friends who are enjoying theirs.

And any month of the year, when someone pulls a cork or turns a spigot, I get a little “happy dance” feeling that the wine’s about to start flowing.


Another “National Hamburger Month” recipe, this time for Pinot Noir. Sautéed shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, and aged gouda, all rich in umami (the “fifth taste”) make the burgers taste better with Pinot – and can also make the Pinot taste better!

Not only can wine can enhance just about any meal; but it can also, in the best circumstances, be enhanced by the food as well.

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Anyone who has ever added some herbs, spices or other seasonings while cooking a basic dish, or enhanced it afterwards with a sauce, knows that building in extra flavor can improve the dish tremendously.

Taking that a step further: At the table, bringing in the flavors of your chosen glass of wine can do exactly the same thing.


Another variation on the basic burger, this time to go with Chianti. I started with bison (in Tuscany, Chianti is often served with game meat) and slathered on some rosemary aioli after grilling (rosemary is a favorite Tuscan herb).

In fact, it’s as if the wine itself is acting as a sauce for the food. And you can change up what the dish tastes like when you take a bite, depending on exactly what wine is in your glass.

Now, let’s take *that* a step further. You can make the whole tasting experience even *more* fun by trying two or more wines with the same dish.

For anyone who loves to cook (or even loves to *eat*!), this very straightforward approach – where a sip of one wine makes your food taste one way, and a sip of another wine makes it taste another way – can open doors to a whole world of new flavors.

This may be National Wine Week, but as far as I’m concerned, exploring flavors this way is a great way to go, all year round!


I’ll be back soon, my friends, with more “Drink Wine With Dinner®” recipes, pairings, and Wine Country happenings to share with you.

Until then,
Cheers and happy tasting –


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