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Don't miss "Rosina's 5 Non-Rules" of Food and Wine Pairing, my &quot10 Wines ~ 10 Pasta Recipes" and *lots* more!

Don’t miss “Rosina’s 5 Non-Rules” of Food and Wine Pairing, “10 Wines ~ 10 Pasta Recipes” and more in Drink Wine With Dinner ~ An Introduction!

Would you like to discover how wine can make the foods *you* love *taste even better*?

Do you want to get past that pesky “intimidation factor,” and welcome wine to your table as a normal, natural part of your meals?

You’ve come to the right place!

My “edutaining” ebook, Drink Wine With Dinner® ~ An Introduction, is your “all-access pass” into the world of wine ~ both by itself and as a *flavor enhancer* for the foods you enjoy most.

Best of all, for a limited time, Drink Wine With Dinner® is yours at a very special discount! (The “10 Wines ~ 10 Pasta Recipes” chapter alone is worth more than the price of admission.) 🙂

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