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A great combo of flavors and and textures! Scroll down for the quick-and easy recipe...

A wonderful combo of flavors and and textures! Scroll down for the quick-and easy “Noodle Month” recipe…

Welcome back, my friends! Looks like March is quickly drawing to a close.

I hope you’ve been enjoying “National Noodle Month with me. (What a great excuse to cook pasta and invent new recipes!)

And what luck: even National Ravioli Day and National Paella Day (the way I made it, at least) fit the theme.

Cheese ravioli with two (simple) sauces~ and two lovely Pinots ~ for National Ravioli Day!

Cheese ravioli with two (simple) sauces ~ and two lovely Pinots ~ for National Ravioli Day!

My Piscean friends and I finished up our birthday month, and welcomed Spring, with a beach party. (Firepit, music, food, wine, fun!)

And in the wine-with-food department, as always, I’ve been sharing my pairings (some of them daring!) of interesting wines with you.

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I’ve concocted one last “National Noodle Month” recipe to share with you. You’ll have it ready to go before the noodles are done cooking!


1 lb. farfalle (or other textured, medium-size pasta):

1 lb. asparagus, washed
1/2 cup olive oil
1 can (~16 oz.) cannellini (or other white) beans
1 to 2 cans (~2 oz. each) anchovies
Salt and pepper to taste

Snap off tough stem ends of asparagus and cut into bite-size lengths. Over medium-high heat, sauté in half the olive oil until just crisp-tender. Season to taste.

Meanwhile, warm the beans in a separate pan.

Cook pasta until just al dente, drain, and transfer to a bowl. Stir in remaining olive oil and season to taste.

Divide pasta into individual bowls (or use a large serving platter). Top each portion with asparagus, then beans (with some of their liquid), then a few anchovies, with their oil. Done ~ and delicious!!!

I enjoyed mine with a simple Italian rosé, but you could pour a medium-bodied white, a light red, or even a value-priced sparkler such as Italian prosecco or Spanish cava.


Don't miss "Rosina's 5 Non-Rules" of Food and Wine Pairing, my "10 Pasta Recipes ~ 10 Wines" and *lots* more!

Don’t miss “Rosina’s 5 Non-Rules” of Food and Wine Pairing, my “10 Wines ~ 10 Pasta Recipes” and *lots* more!

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I’ll be bringing you regular updates on the Drink Wine With Dinner® Club, my “edutaining” online “Simultasting” webinars, and all the wine, food and fun that’s fit to blog about.

As always, my friends,
Cheers and happy tastings,

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