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Eating Italian in New York – Part 1!

I landed at Siri’s Brooklyn apartment in late afternoon, just in time for us to tuck into a tasty spread that Siri had ready. Smoked salmon. Spicy salame. My favorite, authentic smoked mozzarella – and lovely bubbles to wash everything down.

Welcome back, my friends – I hope life is treating you well!

I’m just finishing up a whirlwind week in New York, making up for lost time since my last visit.

Naturally, I’ve spent most of my stay with my wonderful daughter Siri. I also managed to get together with my childhood friend Maria and several cousins, and enjoy a class reunion at Sarah Lawrence College, just north of New York City.


Cin cin! Toasting our mother-daughter reunion with vintage Gruet sparkling rosé. Perfect!

I’ll also post about various and sundry doings in and near the Big Apple – including a phenomenal indoor-outdoor sculpture exhibit by glass artist Dale Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden.

And I’ll bring you to Siri’s cool boutique, Treehouse Brooklyn, which will celebrate its 12th anniversary this summer.


Even Siri’s Maine Coon kitty Lucky gets into the act at our luxurious snack table. (See the big boy on the right?) Enjoy your kitty treats, Lucky!)

Just click the links to see Siri’s gorgeous hand-crafted “Sirius Lux” jewelry and her “Big Fun Thing” line of comfy, “free-size,” eco-friendly clothing.

For now, though, I’d like to share with you some of my food cravings, which I like to feed during every visit.


Emily’s Pork Store (aka Jerry’s) makes immense sandwiches stuffed with cold cuts, cheeses, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, hot and/or sweet roast peppers… My mouth is watering!

I told Siri that I’d been longing for some of her local pizza, and for a sandwich from the “pork store” next to Treehouse.

Williamsburg, the Brooklyn district where she lives, features many different ethnic neighborhoods,from Dominican to Polish to Hassidic, happily cheek by jowl alongside each other.


Just look at those fat sausages and chubby orbs of cheese. Reminds me of my childhood!!

But the 8-block stretch of Graham Avenue between her apartment and Treehouse is strictly Italian – so much so that it goes by the alternate name of “Via Vespucci.”

So, what’s a pork store? (Every Italian neighborhood seems to have at least one.) Better to show than tell, actually.


What a sandwich – prosciutto, capicolla (aka gabagool’ if you’re Napoletano), roast peppers, mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic. Plus tangy-sweet Castelvetrano olives and nice, crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Clos du Bois. Perfect!

Check out these dried sausages and cheeses, hanging from hooks throughout, ready to be carved into thick, sumptuous sammies.

I’ll leave you with this irresistible pic – my idea of the perfect Jerry’s sandwich.

Maybe when I get home, I’ll roast up some peppers myself, buy some mozzarella, thin-sliced prosciutto and great bread, and try to come close….

Until next time, my friends,
Cheers and happy tastings,

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